Abodewell: Acquisition Channel

Abodewell: Acquisition Channel

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Acquisitions are key to the company's goals, and therefore the center of the majority of Abodewell's products.
Abodewell’s acquisition funnel consists of multiple deliverables, from audience building via direct mail campaigns and radio ads, to conversions through the homepage and offer request flow, to lead nurturing with email marketing.
Direct mail campaigns and radio ads
Direct mail campaigns consisted of brand intro postcards and individualized offer letters. Our direct mail post cards went through extensive A/B testing to determine whether illustration-based designs resulted in more conversions than photography-based designs. The results were favorable towards illustration, though by a minimal margin.

Radio ads were played on both Spotify and local stations.
The homepage and conversion flow
Abodewell’s homepage provides a first impression of Abodewell for many potential customers. Over the years, the homepage has undergone a variety of iterations as understanding of the customer base grew and additional product were launched. The homepage, and indeed, the majority of Abodewell's website are built entirely in Webflow, providing designers with unique control over the translation from mockup to implementation while saving limited engineering time.

The homepage contains a primary CTA that launches the Offer Request Flow (ORF), which is the first step a user takes towards becoming an Abodewell customer. The ORF is currently undergoing updates and enhancements, which will be reflected below.

After inputting the address of the property they wish to sell, the user is taken through a flow that gathers property information, specifics on the property’s condition and homeowner details and contact. Abodewell provides offers to all eligible homes within 48 hours. The ORF acts as a lead generation form that embarks users on the conversion journey from requesting an offer to signing a contract. Therefore, it is imperative that a user completes this flow. Since the ORF consists of well over 50 questions, a friendly and seemingly simple user experience became key to keep users moving through the questions until completion.
By incorporating standard best-practice principles, such as categorizing questions into digestible sections within a multi-step form, displaying questions one at a time to avoid overwhelming the user, using clear and intuitive hierarchy to avoid confusion, and incorporating conditional logic to ensure the form remains relevant to the user’s specific situation, we can reduce time to completion and thus reduce form drop-offs. 

Additional visual elements such as oversized buttons, large headings, and an informative progress indicator (that never begins with 0, but at a certain percentage of completion) also motivates and guides users to the finish line.
The acquisition side also consisted of the offer reveal, titled the Offer Presentation Flow. This flow was key to getting that final conversion - the user's signature on the contract to sell their home to Abodewell. Components of the OPF included revealing the offer amount along with an extensive but digestible cost and net proceeds breakdown, all of the variables that determined the offer amount and comparable homes for the user to explore, and an overview of the process and summary of next steps. The OPF acted as the onboarding for the seller dashboard.
Outreach with Iterable emails
Email templates were design in Sketch and then built using Iterable's drag and drop builder. By working on the development of emails, we were about to minimize engineering time (which is always a key consideration, especially in a startup environment where resources are limited).