Lead designer
Betterleap is a Series A startup advancing recruiting technology.
Candidates profiles
Business profiles
Building the core product
Building upon their existing MVP, we updated Betterleap's UI and expanding their dashboard to include features and functionality that greatly advanced their product offerings.

Gathering insights from user interviews, we mapped out key areas of focus for...
...continued growth and user satisfaction. Based on feedback discoveries, we designed profile pages for candidates, recruiters, and businesses, we introduced project sharing and permissions, we expanded table functionality to incorporate common user actions, among many other product initiatives, including VC, admin, and recruiter dashboards.
Design Systems
We built the Betterleap DS from scratch, creating components and component documentation for developers and future internal designers.
Sourcing Extension
The Chrome sourcing extension is necessary for recruiters to source candidates directly into their Betterleap dashboard, and submit them for roles. We designed the Chrome extension after extensive research and testing and successfully published it to the Chrome store.
Exploring various games for the weekly lottery draws
Creating and documenting components for the Betterleap Design System
Sequencing: Creating sequences to reach potential candidates for a role
Mapping out a new feature launch
Snapshots of some feature elements. From left: Viewing activity/history, sharing profiles, and adding candidate notes.
Creating a dashboard for VCs to
measure performance and view updates
for all internal and external
recruiting efforts