ClickUp: Growth-focused Desgn

Sr Product Designer
ClickUp is a Series C all-in-one productivity platform for managing tasks and teams.
Pricing page
Growth checklist
Growth-focused design
Working with ClickUp's Product Lead on a small team geared towards increasing paid memberships, reducing paint points, and expanding the user base. Through a combination of creative thinking, intensive...
...competitor research and documentation, we identified opportunities for growth and provided innovative design solutions. After vigorous A/B testing, we used data for iterative improvements, before applying the updates at a wider scale.

Onboarding and Setup
We worked on extensive onboarding improvements, including the creation of a conditional growth checklist and a workspace setup flow to quickly educate users on actions most relevant to their profile.
Paywalls and Entry Points
A lucrative area of focus, we audited every single paywall across ClickUp's product and evaluated their performance backed by data. We then designed improved paywall experiences that raised conversions.
Paywall solutions and test planning
Designing a workspace setup guide to shorten the time to usage
Creating a shareable Docs experience for teams
Auditing entry points to reduce friction with permissions/sharing
Snapshots of some feature elements. From left: Sharing control center, Paywalls for locked features, and adding some fun with award badges.
Designing a task view experience to promote shareability and upgrades