Yotta: Game-based Banking

Lead designer
Yotta is a Series A fintech startup that gamifies traditional banking by combining savings with in-app lotteries, games, and rewards.
Gamifying the banking experience
Our main focus was on Yotta's primary product - their mobile application.
We overhauled one of their core features - the in-app lottery for which a user receives tickets correlating with how much money they have in their savings account. There are daily number reveals that show a user if they have winnings.
The Play tab encompasses Yotta’s main selling point: gamifying banking by pairing lottery with savings. The redesign transforms a data-intensive UI into an intuitive, engaging experience. By introducing interactive games, number reveals were transformed into an engaging experience that highlights Yotta’s unique and exciting spin on the industry.
Design Systems
In addition to elevating Yotta's overall UX and UI experience, we built Yotta's design system from scratch. The DS focused on componentizing repeated elements and standardizing patterns to encourage the team to adopt an efficient workflow early on.
Yotta Boxes
We also designed a new core feature: Yotta Boxes. A user receives a Yotta Box on every Yotta Debit or Credit Card transaction. Gaining inspiration from traditional gaming VFX, we turned daily transactions into a unique and rewarding in-app game experience, encouraging users to use their Yotta cards.

Interactive games

Number reveal
Game selection
Exploring various games for the weekly lottery draws
A fun matching game to reveal the winning numbers

Website updates

Homepage update
Interactive rewards section

Gamifying debit card transactions

Yotta boxes: revealing a prize attached to every transaction taken with a Yotta debit or credit card
Yotta box types
VFX exploration
Animated ads

Designing a game-centric banking experience

The Home and Play tabs
in the mobile app
Introducing a prize-based community hub within the banking app
Branding + Shared Styles
Components Library
IA for the app